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v 2.6.7 Deliver Express Basic where download El Captan

Description: FTP - 14336 KB - Deliver Express Basic - Zevrix Solutions - Internet

Deliver Express Basic 2.6.7

Deliver Express Basic is an automated solution to send and share files easily across the Internet and local networks. Deliver Express processes files automatically from hot folders and offers automatic e-mail notifications, multi-destination transfer, detailed delivery history and much more. Deliver Express is suitable as an enterprise solution, as well as for single users. As a company-wide solution, the app can process deliveries absolutely unattended on a dedicated station serving an entire workgroup. It's an ideal solution for ad agencies, recording studios, printers publications and others. The program supports FTP, SFTP, FTP-SSL, WebDAV, Amazon S3, Google Storage, AFP, SMB and local destinations. Deliver Express Basic lets you send files to up to 15 locations (Standard through Enterprise licenses allow from 50 to unlimited number of locations). Features - Automate delivery to remote and local servers from watch hot folders. - Automatic e-mail notifications. - Variable e-mail templates. - Automatic .zip/.dmg compression. - Create lo-res PDF and attach to e-mail. - Attach files from specific subfolder to e-mail. - Delete files from destination after certain period. - Encrypt disk images with passwords. - Detailed history of all deliveries.

Best iMac hcK5j_vers.2.6.2_Deliver_Express_Basic.dmg | 15339 kbytes |
Version to Sierra oxuUgC_Deliver_Express_Basic_ver._2.6.11.app | 14336 kbytes |
on Mojave 2.6.1.Deliver.Express.Basic.BfMe.tar.gz | 14336 kbytes |
New MacBook deliver-express-basic-v-2.9.7-r7l.zip | 15769 kbytes |
Best 10.13 vers.2.6.10.Deliver.Express.Basic.5Polr.pkg | 14622 kbytes |
New OS X DELIVER_EXPRESS_BASIC_VER._2.8.7_SWXWS.ZIP | 15626 kbytes |

Zevrix Solutions
Torrent version key Deliver Express Basic

Featured on OS X VER.-3.2.831-DISK-DRILL-WOPDJ.APP 3.6.906
Featured! version V.2.137.ASTRO.XKLSSG.PKG 1.177
for 10.14 VHTS8_VERS_6.2.2_POWERMAIL.APP 8.2.1

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